• Organize specialized Safety and Health training for both public and private organizations.

  • Identification of Safety training needs to build the capacity of staff and other appropriate individuals from the public and private organizations.

  • Conduct level of Safety training/capacity building for would be employable safety officers in both public and private organizations I.e. levels I, II, & III.

  • Conduct basic training for violators and artisans especially those working in the construction sector for the award of Safety Electronic Passport in the State

  • Quarterly Safety and Health sensitization for the public servants in all MDA's and local Government Areas.

  • Conduct annual Safety sensitization such as EMBER MONTHS and Seasonal (I.e. rain and harmattan) for the general public in places such as motor parks, markets, and religious institutions.

  • Select, organize and coordinate Safety Training for Safety Champions in all MDA's Local Government Area and Local Council Development Areas.

  • Promote Safety culture in the grassroots, however, serve as the third eye of the Commission.

  • To constantly have an updated data of all Safety Champions in the Government Establishment.