• Formulate and develop health and safety policies.

  • Implement health and safety policies.

  • Develop safety standards, guidelines, codes of practice, standard operating procedures and regulations.

  • Review and update set safety standards and guidelines.

  • Develop and cascade harmonized safety policies between interrelated Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

  • Conduct research and development on occupational hazards and their impact on health and safety.

  • Conduct research on prevention and control of emerging risks at the workplace and the environment.

  • Develop technical solutions to mitigate risk factors arising from industrial, health and environmental hazards.

  • Conduct research on workplace safety standards towards effective mitigation of hazards and risks.

  • Collate, process, analyze and interpret accident and incident data, parameters and resultant outcomes from workplace activities.

  • Generate a data base of occurrences, outcomes and reports of workplace accidents and incidents.

  • Generate a data base of the functions and report of activities of the departments and units of the Commission.

  • Manage the operations of E- library which consists of safety policies, documents, manuals, handbooks, guidelines, standards, regulations, safety gallery and exhibitions.