The unit is saddled with responsibilities for all legal matters pertaining to the commission and works closely with the Ministry of Justice to carry out its responsibilities, though not exhaustive is stated as follows:

  • The Legal unit has the responsibilities to develop safety standards with respect to all manner of organizations, such as, commercial premises, schools, markets, public transport etc;

  • Advice the Commission on the legality or otherwise of any enforcement exercise and such matters of legal concern;

  • Responsible for the drafting of legal Forms, Notices, letters and related correspondence of legal importance;

  • Liaising with the Office of the Honourable Attorney General & Commissioner for justice of the State in criminal prosecution of defendants and legal representation in civils suits against the commission;

  • Periodically make recommendations on review of the laws and regulations on safety issues;

  • On spot assessment of hazards, risk associated with the breach of safety laws and regulation;

  • Rendering assistance in the mode and manner of service of Notices and legal forms;

  • Monitors the Enforcement exercise in ensuring effective compliance with safety laws; and regulations;

  • Periodic sensitization of officers on the legal procedure and implications on safety compliance or violation, and

  • Make periodic returns on Enforcement exercise; case prosecuted in Court and matters pending.