Extract from the Lagos State Safety Commission Law

The Lagos State Safety Commission is established by Law; LSC Law 2011 Cap. No. 6

Section 1. (1)     There is established under this Law a body to be known as the Lagos State Safety Commission (referred to in this Law as “the Commission”).

Section 9. (a.)     The Commission shall have responsibility as the policy formulating, advisory and regulatory body for the co-ordination of all Government ministries, agencies, parastatals, and all relevant bodies on matters relating to:

•    safety of lives and property at all levels; and
•    other related issues;

Section 10. (f.)     The Commission shall have power to act as may be necessary to improve any condition which it would have done if the Commission had been the Enforcing Authority for the purpose of ensuring safety;

Section 15.    A duly authorized officer of the Commission shall have power to enter and inspect facilities in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of this Law pursuant to regulations made under this Law.

Section 19.    This sectiondeals with power to make Regulations

Section 20.    This sectiondeals with Offences & Penalties.

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