The unit execute, monitor and evaluate policies relating to Information Communication Technology and works closely with the Ministry of Science and Technology other responsibilities are as follows:

  • Adopt a proactive measure in providing IT support;

  • Identification of new IT requirement for the Commission;

  • Automation of government businesses and administration processes;

  • Maintenance, repair & upgrade of Computers, Servers, Switches, Network Devices and Accessories;

  • Ensuring that all equipment are properly setup according to Lagos State Standard and enjoined to the domain:-
    • Hardware configuration
    • Software, Lagos State Licenced copies
    • Antivirus:

  • Responsible for addition/movement/removal of computer;

  • To protect network infrastructure;

  • Ensuring that all computers can run the application (oracle, exchange mail, office e.t.c.) that are required by designated officers across the network;

  • Ensuring that designated officers have access) to the connectivity required to carry out their job.

  • Monitor & report on abuse/destruction of equipment & infrastructure

  • In-house Training

  • Serve as help desk