Functions of Events & Hospitality Safety Department

  • Conduct safety inspection of all hotels, event hall centers, bars, lounges, night clubs,social clubs, beach houses, casinos and gaming centers in the State.

  • Issuance of Provisional Compliance Letter/ Safety Compliance Certificate to audited facilities.

  • Collaborate with Stakeholders in the above listed sectors on matters relating to safety.

  • Organizing and coordinating all Safety related Seminars/Conferences/Workshops.

  • Safety programme planning & implementation.

  • Undertake pre-event risk assessment of event venues for large events and special events.

  • Issuance of Event Safety Clearance for all events.

  • Review Safety Management System and give recommendation for approval.

  • Liaise and collaborate with Non-governmental Organizations, Professional Bodies,Associations and MDAs on matters relating to safety for sectors under the purview of the Department.